Dental Fillings in Florida: How They Can Improve Your Oral Health

by | Mar 31, 2020 | Dentist

Dental fillings are among the most sort after dental treatments in Cape Coral, Florida. But what exactly are dental fillings, and how can they improve your oral health?

Dental restoration using amalgam started many years ago. It’s among the oldest techniques used to treat decayed teeth. Dental fillings provide relief to patients with cavities, thus allowing them to go forward with strong and healthy teeth. But dental fillings can be more than just a solution to decayed teeth.

How Teeth Cavities Develop

While growing up, you’ve heard that eating sugary candy can cause tooth cavities. It wasn’t your dentist’s way of scaring you; it’s the truth. The sugar found in candy and other processed foods can degrade your enamel. Unless you take your dentist’s advice of brushing and flossing after eating such sugary foods, then you might have a real problem with cavities. Teeth cavities will also occur if you allow plaque to accumulate on your teeth. The bacteria feed on the food debris releasing acid and other toxic substances.

Filling Tooth Cavities

Filling the cavities with a suitable filling material can save your tooth and prevent further decay. In previous years, dental fillings in Cape Coral, Florida, were made from metallic alloy that lasts a long time. However, today, most of the Dental Fillings in Cape Coral, Florida uses a composite material that’s equally long-lasting. The composite material is mostly white, and it looks like your natural teeth. So, there’s no need to worry that people will see metallic fillings on your teeth.

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