Dental Implants in Lubbock Return Your Smile To Perfection

by | Oct 9, 2013 | Dental

People very often take for granted that their teeth will always remain in their mouth. Children know that if they lose a tooth, another tooth will grow back to replace it. As an adult, everyone has to understand that if they lose a tooth, another tooth will not grow back to replace it. They will have to look for some other means to replace the missing tooth or teeth. When you see a general service dentist, they may recommend that you get a bridge to replace the missing teeth. The problem with bridges is that they must be attached to the surrounding teeth to hold them in place and there is always the possibility that since the bridge is removable that it could get lost or damaged.

When you discuss the situation with a cosmetic dentist, they are more likely to recommend Dental Implants in Lubbock. This is where an artificial tooth, or teeth as the case may be, is made to match the other teeth in your mouth. Once it is made, the canal, where the lost tooth’s root was, is cleaned out and the new tooth is placed in that same location. The new tooth is then grafted right onto the jaw bone. This keeps the new tooth firmly in place and over time the graft is strengthened as the jaw bone grows.

In the past Dental Implants in Lubbock were only available to the wealthy. With all of the advances in dentistry, they are available to almost anyone to replace a lost tooth. Dyal Family Dentistry has had extensive training and experience with the procedure and can easily provide this service. The patient has the benefit of being asleep while the procedure is preformed. One moment they are sitting in the dental chair wondering how long it will take and the next moment the job is complete. They are provided with medication to relieve any pain they may have until the swelling goes down and they are scheduled with a follow-up appointment so that the dentist can examine the finished work.

No longer do people have to depend on a bridge to replace a lost tooth. When they have a dental implant, the replacement tooth may very well out-last all of their natural teeth. If you have lost a tooth, call for a dental implant appointment today.

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