To operate an effective dental practice, you need to have all of the necessary supplies outside of the dental equipment. In this article, we will cover just some of the items you’ll need to buy from your dentist supply company.


Naturally, you’ll need to have gloves for sanitation purposes. You’ll inevitably have your hand in the mouths of your patients, where saliva can transfer germs and illnesses.

Gloves found in most dental practices are typically made out of polychloroprene or nitrile. You can also find accelerator-free nitrile gloves for the safest option available to you and your patients.

Patient Consumables

There are several disposable items you’ll use as a standard part of most appointments.

Some of the patient consumables you’ll need include:

– Prophy Angles / Prophy Paste

– Ejectors / Syringe Tips

– Patient Towels

– Cups & Mixing Accessories

– Cotton Products

– Needles

– Tray Covers


As a dentist, you need to keep your space clean and sanitized. You’ll need to clean all surfaces and reusable equipment in between each patient. You’ll also need to have your staff perform regular cleaning at the end of each work day.

You’ll need effective disinfectant cleanser and disinfectant wipes to keep up with the cleaning demand.

Office Supplies

Finally, you’ll need to provide your staff with the things they need to perform their job, including printer ink, paper, and pens. These items may not be offered by your dentist supply company.