In Pennsylvania, individuals without a criminal record could receive probation for non-violent crimes. This ruling allows them to avoid a prison or jail sentence. However, they are required to follow strict provisions. These terms are identified by the judge after the individual is convicted. If the individual doesn’t follow these requirements, they violate their probation. A Philadelphia probation violation lawyer can assist these violators and get them a second chance.

The Use of Drugs or Alcohol

The prohibition of alcohol and drug use is a common term added to a probation assignment. For this reason, probation officers are allowed to conduct random drug testing. The defendant doesn’t receive any prior notice for these testing requirements. If they fail a drug test or if alcohol is detected in their system, they are in violation of their probation.

Individuals with clear drug or alcohol problems could enter a treatment program. This is a strategy used to prevent them from receiving a new sentence. If they are a first-time offender, the judge may provide this assistance instead of sending them to prison.

Leaving Restricted Area

Defendants who receive an ankle monitor as a term of their probation cannot leave the identified area. If they leave this area, the monitor notifies law enforcement and the individual is arrested immediately. These terms apply to individuals who are guilty of dangerous crimes or who present a risk to the public.

Association With Known Felons

Anyone who is on probation or parole is prohibited from associating with known felons. Any interaction between these individuals could lead to further crimes. For this reason, it is an immediate violation of their probation.

Failure to Comply With Terms of Probation

If a defendant is in violation of their probation, they must appear in court again. They could receive the sentence that was suspended by the judge. In most cases, the sentence reflects the true punishment for the conviction.

In Pennsylvania, first-time offenders could receive probation. However, they are required to fulfill all terms of this assignment. If they don’t, they could face a prison sentence. Anyone who is in violation of their probation assignment should contact a Philadelphia probation violation lawyer or visit for further details.

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