Many immediately conjure up images of HGTV, “room makeover” contests, or DIY décor projects on Pinterest when they hear the word “interior design.” However, are they genuinely considering interior design? Interior decoration helps create beautiful, helpful living environments, but interior design work fundamentally differs from interior decorating. So what is the difference between the interior designer and the interior decorator in Washington, DC?

Things an Interior Designer Does

Interior designers must use innovative and technical solutions within a building that are useful, appealing, and advantageous to the resident’s quality of life and culture, whether working in a business or residential setting.

The project’s physical location and social context must be acknowledged by designers, who must also adapt to and work in concert with the building shell. Interior designers with places such as Dane Austin Design may create environments that significantly enhance the experiences of the people who use them by putting smart solutions into practice.

What Does an Interior Decorator Do?

The practice of interior decorating comprises the application of aesthetics and decorative features to existing rooms with the goal of making those places appear more visually pleasing. The art of interior decorating emphasizes many design components, such as color palettes, furniture, and accessories. It does not touch any of the facility’s outside components, architectural characteristics, or operational aspects.

An interior decorator in Washington, DC, might be thought of in the same way as a personal stylist. They are employed to create an ambiance within the home that is in line with the unique style of their customer. They alter the visual style of a place by altering elements such as paint, fabric, furniture, and accessories.