There are many people who think that the titles commercial and Industrial Electrician in Keizer OR mean the same thing. However, these are two roles with completely different specializations, responsibilities, as well as training. Here’s is a high-level overview of what differentiates the two types of electricians. Those who have a big project coming up at a business should find this helpful.

Commercial Electrician

A commercial electrician is more commonly found than an industrial type. Their work is more geared toward regular everyday types of electrical jobs. They usually work in offices and stores, dealing with things like lighting and power outlets. Commercial professionals are responsible for making sure that the electrical components and wiring of any structure, like a storefront, are functioning safely.

This type of electrician normally works with low voltages. However, they are sometimes called out to deal with a stronger system or something such as a high-powered generator attached to a large HVAC unit. On an average day, a commercial electrician will deal with the pressure associated with installing equipment and handling common repairs.

Industrial Electrician

When it comes to an industrial professional, they are required to have extensive and specific expertise. Their work is usually done in factories, mines, or chemical plants. Depending on the company that they are working for, some industrial electricians are even required to serve as an apprentice in the industry for several years to gain the knowledge to prove that their accuracy.

Industrial experts work with voltage systems on both ends of the spectrum. They vary from high to low currents. Any machinery that uses currents can be varied, which requires extreme caution. Industrial electricians can’t have the slightest mistake or oversight, even if it could easily be fixed. Accuracy is the key to its overall success. Most people in need of electrical work in their factory will not even tempt the possibility of an electrical problem in the first place by hiring a qualified, trained and experienced industrial electrician from the start.

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