Different Types of Outdoor Light Fixtures Available in Palm Beach County FL

by | Mar 30, 2018 | Lighting

Lighting can have a huge impact on what your landscape looks like and there are many different types of outdoor lighting options you can choose from.  At Tropical Landscape Lighting here are some of our most common lighting styles:

Up and Down Lighting- like the name suggests these are directional lighting fixture that offers targeted lighting.  Up fixtures are designed to project light upwards from the ground and down fixture do the opposite.

Path Lighting- it is important to keep walkways and paths well-lit at night for safety and our specially designed pathway lights get the job done right and look amazing when added to any landscape design.

Wall Lighting- lighting that is designed to illuminate the side of building and highlight key aspects of the architecture are one of the most common types of outdoor light fixtures in Pal Beach County FL.

In-Ground Lighting- in some situations it may not be possible or desirable to have light fixtures sticking up out of the ground, and our specialized designed range of in-ground lighting provides a great alternative.

Directional Lighting- sometimes known as spotlight fixtures they offer a focused beam of light that can be directed up, down or any other direction as needed to highlight landscape or architecture features.

Specialty Lighting- sometimes a situation calls for more specialized lighting design and we can help with that too and get the right lighting system that is perfect for your home or business landscape.

When it comes to finding the right lighting for your home or business it is important to know what your options are and what works best for your situation. Here at Tropical Landscape Lighting we can help you find the best outdoor light fixtures in Palm Beach Country. Call us today!

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