Making the decision to go after a higher education means you are ready to be in charge of your future. This is the time when you are going to focus on preparing yourself to get a rewarding job. You’ve picked a college that will help you to reach your goals. Finding out what your living arrangements are the next item on your agenda. Western Washington University off-campus housing could be the best move you make

The majority of students will pack up a few of their personal belongings to claim half of a room in a dormitory. Others will scan all the local listings for apartments in hopes of a great find. Why settle for less when Western Washington University off-campus housing offers you another option. All you need to do is apply. Decide if you would like to have an apartment with one roommate or think about having two roommates. Everyone will have their own bedroom and private bath. You won’t be carrying your toiletries down the hall to the communal bathroom. You get to cook what you want in your fully functional kitchen. Furniture is already set in every room. You have a television when you feel like sitting in the living room with your roommates. Head to your bedroom and connect to WIFI to do your assignments, get in touch with everyone back home, or get online.

If your friends are coming to the same college, talk to them about getting on board for Western Washington University off-campus housing. See what it’s all about at Lark Bellingham.