If you love the weathered wood look popular in some southwestern states, discover the beauty and charm of the Origins Woods collaboration collection done with the Museum of New Mexico. This collection includes four fantastic weather-exposed woods in three standard shades with added custom colors also available.

Use Weather-Exposed Wood Surfaces as Your Canvas for Art

Currently, customers can find simply gorgeous digital wallcoverings that come in the mesmerizing hues that are typical of New Mexico terrain. Pick from quaint design styles named Tupelo, Pawpaw, Tamarack or Catalpa just for starters. Use these stunning woods to call attention and showcase your original texture and patina that only gets better after time spent out in the elements. Truly, this wallcovering option acts more like a person’s personal art canvas.

Natural Wood Wallcoverings Museum of New Mexico Design

If you have ever walked through the fabulous Museum of New Mexico, you have likely seen the beauty and felt the pull of this locale’s natural scenic wonders for yourself. Now, bring that same enchanting style right into your home by choosing one of four superb wood wallcovering designs that are already approved by this great place where southwestern-flavored art experts dwell.

Stunning Terralon in Several Naturalistic Shades

Experience the warmed color tones of America’s southwestern regions. Try the Pawpaw in a rich ginger, onyx or Wedgewood color selection. Consider Catalpa in deep ebony, redwood or hazelwood choices. Feel the warmth of saturated hues from the Tamarack option that includes amber, butternut or chestnut with golden/red undertones. If a lighter-hued weatherized wood sounds more to your liking, go with the Tupelo version in cool frost, golden beige honey or desert/beach inspired driftwood.

Whether pining for the rough-and-tumble vibe of the southwest geographical region or yearning to display warm-desert hues, this collection is a must-have.