Being injured in a car accident is nothing to take lightly. All sorts of complications can arise from that event. Before assuming the insurance company will take care of everything, it makes sense to consult an attorney. Doing so will make it possible to avoid the more common pitfalls associated with Car Accidents.

Assessing the Event

Car Accidents may be simple or they may be complicated. Whatever the situation, an attorney can go over the particulars and make sure the rights of the client are protected at all times. This includes taking a look at medical records related to any care the client needed after the event. The goal is to understand what was happening prior to the accident, what happened immediately afterward, and if there are any medical issues as the result of the event.

Representing the Client

It makes sense to obtain legal counsel after any type of accident. That includes events involving vehicles. While the hope is that the insurance company for the responsible party will honor the claim, it pays to have an attorney handle all of the communications. Doing so ensures there are not attempts to place part of the responsibility for the accident on the injured client and avoid the necessity of paying out the full amount of the claim.

Taking the Matter to Court

When a reasonable settlement is not forthcoming, the only recourse is to take the matter to court. Having an attorney on hand to protect the interests of the client is a must. The attorney will ensure that all evidence related to the accident is presented during the proceedings. In the best case scenario, that will be all it takes to convince a judge the claim is valid and receive an equitable judgment.

There’s no need to deal with the insurance company alone. Call The Law Offices of Elan Wurtzel today and arrange for a consultation. Bring along any documents that have to do with the event, including the contact information for people who saw the accident take place. With legal representation, the odds of arriving at a quick resolution will be much higher.