Your vehicle’s cooling system is extremely important in preventing future expensive repairs and replacements. You should regularly get a coolant flush in Denverto keep your engine running efficiently and prevent costly problems. Overheating is a very common vehicle issue. Overheating leads to complete engine failure. A coolant flush will only need to be completed once every 30,000 miles. The cost is relatively inexpensive in comparison to the expense of an engine replacement.

Deposits and Rust

A coolant flush removes the scale deposits and rust build-up. These deposits will often cause overheating. When your vehicle’s engine overheats, the material of your engine can swell, expand, crack, and warp. Warped material such as a cylinder head, could cause separation and leaks in other expensive parts. If your head gasket leaks, it can cause your engine to burn the coolant and oil. Getting a regular coolant flush in Denver prevents the cost of head gasket replacement and engine repair or replacement.

First-Time Coolant Flush

If you do not think your vehicle has ever received a coolant flush in Denver, you can go to a local specialized mechanic shop such as Elder Auto. They will assess your coolant system and suggest whether to get your coolant flushed. They will also advise you when you should have your vehicle’s coolant flushed in the future. They will also help you determine what the best antifreeze and coolant is for your vehicle and to withstand Denver’s temperatures. New antifreeze additives, for example, work to help prevent rust and deposit buildup.