Bitcoin used to be very difficult to get your hands on. Selling it was also hard. Now, there are ways to sell and buy Bitcoin in Cincinnati, OH, using dedicated ATM machines. These machines offer many benefits to their users.

Cash Conversion

Depending on the company that operates Bitcoin ATMs, you might be able to buy cryptocurrency with conventional cash. If you find the right one, you can also sell your Bitcoin for cash at the same time.


Not all Bitcoin ATMs are the same, but the simplest ones let you conduct business without even using a debit card or a bank account under your name.

Expedient Transactions

Despite being a new technology, some cryptocurrency exchanges take days. Good Bitcoin ATMs handle things in minutes.


ATMs are supposed to be convenient in sparing you from visiting the inside of a bank or brick-and-mortar financial office. However, the other convenience they should offer is being in many different locations around you so you can find one quickly and easily.


Security is a big reason why cryptocurrency appeals to so many investors. Some Bitcoin ATMs let you handle your transactions with only your phone number so that your privacy is protected. The best ones don’t keep your crypto keys at all.

In Conclusion

Bitcoin used to be very elusive to delve into, but now it’s possible to easily sell and buy Bitcoin in Cincinnati, OH, thanks to RockitCoin Bitcoin ATM. For more information please visit them now.