If “nice” animals like deer are being slaughtered simply because they can enter our gardens and destroy our plants and; having deemed them to be pests, we exterminate young and old in such numbers that extinction could result; there would be public outcry with numerous petitions being drawn up to call for a halt to such Folsom Pest Control practices. Yet, isn’t this what we do to cockroaches who end up inside our homes and business premises?

One Man’s Pest Might Be Another’s Wonder Of Nature
This is where practicality clashes with conservationism. In the natural order of things, every living thing plays its part in the ecosystem and it is often a matter of kill or be killed. But, once the human brain evolved and we began to try and control nature; this old order was overturned by our creation of unnatural places. Clearing land for agricultural purposes and the building of structures for all manner of purposes meant that we wanted to impose our control over that area.

Controlling Nature
Farmers want to eliminate anything on their land that poses a risk to their crops and/or livestock; people inside structures want to keep that place free of all unwanted visitors that they have decided to call pests. There is no room in our controlled part of the environment for the likes of locusts, cockroaches or fleas (along with hundreds of other living entities that we dislike for some reason or another). For the people of Folsom, Pest Control is the way in which they achieve such ends.

Domestic Pests
In many ways, these are easier to control than those that can attack our gardens and farms since we are much more in control of the actual conditions within our buildings. Entrances are easier to block off or otherwise protect and we can make decisions about what a pest will find should it ever gain access. Overall good housekeeping and sanitary practices are our best protection against any pest invasion of our property.

Should something breach our defenses; that is when we have to go into attack mode. Caught early enough, most common pests will be killed and/or repelled by any of the off the shelf “bug sprays” but these have some drawbacks. Different bugs might require different sprays if spraying is to be effective and some people are a little squeamish when it comes to taking out the dead. If you feel that you have too many pests to eliminate; then, it makes sense to have Folsom pest control experts (like those at APEX Pest Control INC.) come and do the job for you.