Car accident cases are one of the most common personal injury tort cases to be filed in court. Though some cases are minor and may be easily settled through an insurance company, some may require the help of a car accident attorney. An attorney can guide a person through every decision that needs to be made in their case and can help them in their pursuit of compensation. Knowing when to call an attorney is crucial for those who have become victims of serious car accidents.

Even though a person may not have suffered from serious injuries or damages, they still may need the assistance of an attorney. If the insurance company is unwilling to pay on their claim or the person who caused the accident did not have insurance, an attorney may be needed to pursue a claim in court. Many insurance companies are more willing to pay when they learn an attorney is representing an injured party.

If serious injuries and damages have occurred, a victim needs to consider hiring a car accident attorney from the beginning. Though it may seem easy to pursue a claim with an insurance company, this is not always the case: insurance companies will often do all they can to avoid paying on a claim or to pay as little as possible. When an injured victim is not fully aware of their rights, they could end up being offered a much lower settlement than they are entitled to.

Many accident attorneys offer free consultations to allow potential clients to learn more about the services that are available to them. Some attorneys even work on contingency so a victim does not have to pay any attorney’s fees unless they win their case. When the case is won, the attorney receives a certain percentage that is agreed upon in the retainer agreement.

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