Domestic and Import Auto Repair Services White Bear Lake MN

by | Mar 31, 2015 | Automotive

When your new car comes with a manufacturer warranty, the manufacturer would you prefer you take your car back to the dealership for those services.  If the dealership is close, that is no problem.  You can take it in and have all the work done whenever it is scheduled.  Brake inspections, tire rotations, oil changes, and any other maintenance that is covered by the warranty, can get done right there.  That becomes a problem if the dealership is two and a half hours down the highway.  Auto Repair Services White Bear Lake MN may be able to help.

Many rural areas do not have a dealership in the immediate area.  In Northern Maine, for example, the KIA dealership is three hours away in Bangor.  Not a trip you want to make in the middle of winter just to get an oil change.  In Minnesota and other states, you have a dealership alternative.  Bosch Warranty certified repair shops allow you to get warranty work completed without going to the dealership.  They set standards for training, technology, and procedures for repair shops that will not void your dealership warranties.  Auto Repair Services White Bear Lake MN can be done by American Imports, because they have a state-of-the-art facility and continuing education that qualifies them as a Bosch Warranty certified center.

Other Auto Repair Services White Bear Lake MN may also have that certification, so check it out and see what your options are in that area.  Domestic and import vehicles, even if they are diesel or hybrid, can have repairs done, maintenance work completed, and performance tuning upgrades.  Free consultations are available and parts and labor is warrantied for 24 months, or 24,000 miles.  When you are comparing prices for services, make sure you are comparing apples to apples.  Tire prices, for example, sometimes include only the price of the tire.  Other estimates may include the price of the tire, the cost of installation, plus free alignment checks and free lifetime tire rotation.  If the price only includes the tire, then get an estimate on installation.  At that point, you will have a better comparison price for all the work that needs to be done. Browse website for more details.

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