As summer temperatures heat up, you want your air conditioner to deliver reliable cooling. Don’t be surprised by emergency air conditioning repair in Hinsdale, IL. Instead, pay attention to signs that your system needs repairs and act fast.

Warm Air

Does your air conditioner blow warm air? First, check the thermostat to ensure it’s set to the cooling mode. If it’s set correctly, call for service. The unit might have a bad compressor.

Poor Airflow

Restricted airflow makes it difficult for your home to cool down. Common causes of restricted airflow include dirty ductwork, clogged filters, and mechanical problems such as a bad blower motor. Get this situation assessed quickly to ensure you use energy most efficiently and to prevent continued deterioration.

Frequent Cycling

Does your air conditioner turn on and off too much? Have you noticed it kicks on and turns off a few seconds later, repeating this pattern frequently? This issue is called short cycling, and while you can operate your air conditioner when it short cycles, you don’t want to for long. Short cycling uses a lot of energy, and it can lead to unexpected breakdowns. Call for air conditioning repair to figure out what’s causing the frequent cycling and get it fixed for more efficient performance and peace of mind.

Waiting too long to schedule air conditioning repair in Hinsdale, IL, can cause more problems and cost you more money. To schedule repairs, get in touch with the HVAC pros at Kats Heating and Cooling.