Did that famous baseball arrive and greet your bay window? Maybe you were doing some home repairs and a ladder or board busted one of the windows in the house or garage? Maybe it was the door in the shower and you now have glass strewn all over the floor and tub? No matter what sort of residential glass replacement you require, there are experts available to help.

The thing to keep in mind is that there are some very useful “dos and don’ts” involved, and it really pays to understand them:

  • Don’t think of it as a DIY project. You can go right ahead and clean up the broken glass, and even place a board over a window, but after that, think of it as a job for the experts.

  • Don’t assume new windows are the answer. Too many homeowners use the justification of energy efficiency to call in window replacement pros when the best and most effective answer is just residential glass replacement. Whether it is broken panes, panes that lost their seals or glazing or another similar issue, it is often replacement that is your best course of action.

  • Do get the replacement done right away. It may be decent weather, or you may not think of broken or missing glass as an emergency, but it is best to be very proactive about the need for replacement glass. For example, the crack in the window above the kitchen sink may not seem like a serious issue, but it could be that the crack occurred due to a problem with the window itself or is allowing water to seep into the frame. Don’t hesitate to get that replacement done.

  • Do think about upgrades. When you speak to the residential glass pros, ask them for suggestions about ways to update or upgrade the glass. Maybe that shower door broke because it was a poor quality glass. Rather than making a repeat mistake, let the experts steer you right.

  • Do demand a quote. If you speak to a firm that doesn’t do quotes, go somewhere else. It is only the best providers that will come to your home, give a written estimate and guarantee their work.

If you need residential glass replacement in Highlands Ranch, Shock Glass does home and auto glass work and offers fast turnaround times, free quotes and totally professional installations.