Dram Shop Lawyers in Pittsburgh Can Assist You with Your Drunk Driving Case

A dram shop is a tavern or similar establishment that features the sale of alcoholic beverages. When lawyers speak of dram shop liability, they are referring to legislation that covers the liability of dram shops (taverns or liquor stores) that serve alcohol.

How a Dram Shop Lawyer Can Help

Dram shop lawyers in Pittsburgh handle cases where victims or families in drunk driving accidents sue bars or similar facilities for the injury or death. If the driver of another vehicle, for instance, had too much to drink at a tavern and hit someone, the tavern is held accountable as well in this case.
Therefore, if you feel that you or a loved one would not have been injured if the other party had been stopped by the proprietor of a tavern from drinking too much, you need to talk to dram shop lawyers. This type of negligence must be addressed as owners of taverns and similar establishments should not allow a customer to leave a place in a total state of intoxication.

Speak to a Legal Specialist

That is why you need to speak to a legal specialists or one of the dram shop lawyers who handles these cases today. You need to fully discuss your injuries and how they occurred. If you were hit by a drunk driver who had been drinking at a pub, you need to hold the pub responsible as well.

Indeed, you may have a viable case that should not be overlooked. Therefore, you need to review your rights with a qualified legal firm. Contact the Law Offices of John W. Brown for further details today. Negligence is something that can be hard to define. However, if you determine that more than one party is responsible, you will have a stronger case. Work with a legal advocate who fully understands this aspect of the law.

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