Are you wasting seeds because they are not being measured correctly? Are you looking for a way to directly measure how much seed is needed for a specific plot of land? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may want to consider purchasing one or more drill scales. These scales allow you to weigh the right amount of seed for the amount of land that you enter into the machine. They will also help you keep an inventory of all of the seeds you planted and what you have left in storage.

Of course, depending on what your specific needs are, you may need supplemental factors that will add to your machine. This mainly comes in handy when it comes to the actual screen and computer parts of the scale. For drill scales there are two main computers from which to choose:

  • A GT460 is mainly used for harvesting. The machine keeps any inventories managed as well as maintaining field recordings.
  • A GT400 can be used for both harvesting and producers. This means that the scale can help with both the planting and the harvesting of all plants and seeds.

Knowing all of your options will help you choose the best machine for your individual needs.

Drill Calibration Versus Drill Scales
Calibrating a drill can take up precious time that could be used working on your farm. The process involves knowledge of how much seed you will be planting, a scale to measure vegetation, and a bag for collecting the seed. After you know this information and have secured all of the necessary items, you will have to figure out through math how much seed will be needed for your specific amount of land you are planting. From there you will have to figure out the length that is being planted, and the rate of the drill. After that you will have to figure out the correct numbers for actually calibrating the drill.

With drill scales, all of this extra work is taken out of your busy day and is figured out by the scale. Initially you may need to play with the setting in order to ensure that the scale is set to what you will need for planting or harvesting.