Homeowners are increasingly opting for ductless air conditioning in Ann Arbor, MI because of its many advantages over traditional “central air” systems. The most obvious advantage, of course, is that the need to install ductwork throughout the home, which can be labor-intensive and time-consuming. Although ductless air can be a bit more expensive than conventional air conditioning systems in Ann Arbor, MI, it costs less to operate which means savings of both energy and money at the end of each month.

Some of the features of ductless systems when compared to conventional duct systems includes, as mentioned, easier installation, less energy loss and more flexibility in controlling the way that various parts of the house are both cooled or heated.

Installation of ductless air conditioning in Ann Arbor, MI can usually be handled by the homeowner and do not require technical expertise. The unit will come with a kit that provides specific directions for instruction and use. If you have problems with do-it-yourself projects or do not feel like you are mechanically inclined, however, a professional HVAC technician can install it for you. If you pay to have your system installed, chances are that the warranty will remain intact. Some companies will void the warranty if you install it yourself, so that is a question to ask and weigh before you make a final decision on installation.

Ductwork tends to lose 30% of the energy generated by an air conditioner unit. Ductless air conditioning takes up the slack, and there is virtually no energy loss. With ducts, air gets lost in transition in the ducts, and can even find itself dispelled into an attic space or radiate out of the house.

Flexibility is also a significant advantage that ductless air conditioners have over conventional units. A ductless air conditioning in Michigan allows the homeowner to direct temperature far more precisely, cooling only rooms that need to be cooled (and not the attic, or a room that is never used). The end result is a far more efficient cooling system that uses less energy, and therefore costs less to operate.

Ductless systems also have better durability and longevity than traditional units. If regular maintenance is performed on the system and it is well cared for, a typical ductless system can last for as long as fifteen years before it is time to be replaced. Split air ductless air conditioning in Ann Arbor, MI offers homeowners greater efficiency and lower operation costs which more than pays for the initial investment over time.