Staying in the right lane when driving can prevent accidents. That’s one of the main reasons why technology has caught up with driving and offers a lane keeping assist system for St. Augustine drivers.

More auto manufacturers are incorporating advanced driver assistance systems in their vehicles. Now it is your job to keep them calibrated and working effectively. Imagine being able to offer your customers auto repair solutions including calibration services for advanced driver assistance systems. This is something that is going to help grow your business as well as keep drivers safe on the road. Specialists like One-Stop Calibration can provide you with everything you need including innovative calibration tools like Opti-Aim. Whether you choose to use their calibration services or you wish to purchase calibration tools to increase your automotive services, you will be offering customers the calibration solutions they need.

The Technology Behind Lane Keeping Assist Systems

The technology behind a lane keeping assist system includes painted lane markings. Those markings are used to operate the system so it can determine how to keep drivers in the correct driving lane. Those markings can include any that are between lanes as well as along the edges of a road. Some features also include ways to prevent drivers from actually driving off of the road. It is wise that these features are understood about lane keeping assist systems so you can properly advise customers when providing them with calibration services.

Offer Tips for Using Lane Keeping Assist

You can always offer tips to your customers when they are having their LKA system calibrated. Some of those tips can include making sure that they are aware of their surroundings as well as the traffic and other lanes near them. Watch for warnings on your dashboard, listen for sounds and be prepared to feel your steering wheel or seat vibrate if you start to drift from your driving lane. Those are all signs that your LKA system is active and doing its job effectively.

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