Pests are a nuisance around the home and can cause property damage and spread diseases, so you must have a rodent protection strategy.

The first thing you must do is determine whether you have a pest problem. Some identifying signs include droppings, footprints, odors, urine stains, burrows, gnawing damage, and nests.

Identify And Seal Common Access Points

While you could try numerous ways to deal with existing rodents, you will not eliminate the problem if you do not address their access points. Below are some common access points.

  • Holes around appliance or sink pipes
  • Holes around the doors, windows, closets, or cabinets leading outside or to crawl spaces
  • Missing screens on crawl spaces
  • Cracked foundations around the basement
  • Unscreened ventilation holes in your attic

Eliminate Common Food And Water Sources

Before implementing effective rodent pest management strategies, you must identify what attracts the pests in your home. Below are the common food and water sources that attract rodents.

  • Food in unsealed bags or containers
  • Pet water and food left out
  • Fruits and vegetables outside the refrigerator in open bowls
  • Open compost containers or trash cans

Have a Clean Home

Rodents are attracted to unclean spaces where they can easily create nests. Therefore, ensure you fold and organize your clean clothes and have the dirty ones in the laundry basket. You should also remove dirt, leaves, grass clippings, etc, outside.

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