Orthopedic doctors specialize in disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Some common regions of the body that are impacted are the spine, muscles and joints. Orthopedic doctors are proficient in diagnosing and treating the precise origin of the problem. They are well versed and trained in these following areas of orthopedic medicine.

1. orthopedic pediatrics

2. back and neck conditions

3. foot and ankle conditions

4. complete joint reconstruction

5. sports medicine

6. hand and wrist conditions

7. shoulder

8. fractures

9. knee

Fractures of the Thoracic and Lumbar Spine are generally caused by accelerated impact accidents like vehicle collisions and elevated falls. A Thoracic fracture occurs in the region of the midback. Lumbar fractures occur in the lower back. A back fracture from a sports injury can be treated with chiropractic Sports Medicine in Commerce TX as well. Individuals with this kind of fracture experience intense back pain that worsens in motion. If there is serious injury to the spinal cord, prickling sensations, weakness and disorders of the excretory organs can occur.

Thoracic and Lumbar fractures are most effectively treated with surgical decompression procedures. Surgery releases the spinal canal and fracture from pressure. Any bones that are pressing on the spinal cord are removed too. During the procedure, the doctor will determine if a side or back incision is required. These access areas allow surgeons to remove parts safely. There is no disturbance of healthy surrounding bone or tissue.

A Herniated Disk of the lower back is commonly seen in Sports Medicine in Commerce TX. The high impact activities of football can result in an accident that damages the disk. A healthy disk has a pliable outer ring and a gelatin like interior. A disk is herniated when the gelatin core comes in uncomfortable contact with the outer ring. This happens when erosion of the structures advance. Continuous pressure on the back during sports activities, obesity and aging can leave an individual with a herniated disk.

Mild cases of herniated disks can be treated with a home regimen and refraining from activities that caused disk deterioration. It can take up to a few months for pain to substantially subside. Serious cases may require a surgical procedure that extracts the herniated portion of the disk. People who have acute herniated disk pain can benefit from epidural steroid injections that settles down inflammation. Make an appointment at a Paris Orthopedic Clinic PA.