Are you trying to get ready for the summer and want to look your best when you hit the beach in a bikini? It can be frustrating if you have a little extra skin around your abdomen that you are unable to get rid of with traditional diet and exercise? If you are looking for a way to flatten your belly by eliminating the extra skin and fat consider searching for a professional in Chicago for a tummy tuck surgery. They can help you determine if you are an ideal candidate for the procedure and how the treatment can help you achieve the body you desire.

How to know if you are a Candidate for Abdominoplasty Surgery

   * Anyone who is considering the surgery will need to be in overall good physical condition.
   * They have pockets of loose skin and fat around their belly that will not go away with diet or exercising.
   * Any older person who is not extremely overweight however, the elasticity of their skin is not the same and will not tighten.
   * A woman who has had their belly stretched from a pregnancy to help them regain that pre-pregnancy shape.
   * They will need to be able to tolerate the anesthesia that is used while the surgery is performed and be able to heal surgical incisions. People who have connective tissue disorders, heart, kidney, or lung problems would not be an ideal candidate.

Have Your Treatment Customized to Your Body

The experts at Chicagoland Aesthetics understands that not everyone has the same type of body. They work with their patients to learn what their expectations are with the outcome of the surgery. A professional will perform a thorough examination of your body so they can determine which procedure will provide the finest results for your body type.  Once they create a treatment plan created specifically for you, the skilled staff will work with you to determine if the method is a solution to your excessive skin and fat problem.