Enjoy a Beautiful Smile and Eat the Food You Love With Quality Dental Care From Dentists in Queens NY

by | Apr 14, 2015 | Dentistry

Improving the quality of your teeth is arguably the most important reason to visit Dentists Queens NY. For example, you may be suffering from a cavity and need professional help to repair the tooth. Dental cavities or caries occur when the enamel of the tooth begins to erode, and the dentin becomes exposed. Dentin is much softer than enamel so it won’t survive exposure very long. There are some steps that the dentist can take to fix these problems before they become too troublesome. The first is the application of resin over slightly damaged enamel. This allows the tooth to be covered and shaped. It is only effective in very mild cases.

The next step in cavity repair and perhaps the most common is to clean away any damaged tooth material and fill in the cavity. This will usually repair the damaged tooth, provided proper care is used to keep the remainder clean. However, if the tooth decays has gone too far, then the Dentists Queens NY will need to perform a root canal.

The root of your tooth is both its anchor and the method of supplying it with blood and nerves. If the root pulp gets exposed your toothache can get extremely painful and the pulp is more likely to get infected. A root canal removes the pulp, including the nerve and leaves the remaining shell to hold a crown. Once the dentist allows time for the wound to heal, the tooth will be covered with a porcelain crown that resembles a real tooth in appearance and function.

Other functions that the Dentists Queens NY can perform include the application of veneers, placement of implants, installation of bridges or making custom-fitting dentures. Veneers are a great way to cover certain problems such as misshapen teeth or severely stained teeth. Implants are the perfect option when teeth are missing or as an anchor for various dental appliances. A bridge is used to replace two or more missing teeth and may be an option for severely damaged areas of the mouth. The other choice is a dental appliance such as a denture. By replacing one or both sets of teeth, the dentist can return your ability to eat the foods that you love. To learn more about your dental options, visit the experts at Northern Plaza Dental Care in Queens NY.

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