Over the years, it’s become apparent that windshields are windows are more than just simple pieces of auto glass. St. Paul is but one of the multitude of places where the decisions you make regarding the glass components of your car may directly impact how you manage to work through potential disasters in the future. You might not know it, but seeking out an auto glass repair and installation company is actually a good way to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of car theft in the future. These businesses specialize in addressing all things related to vehicle windows, and that makes them an invaluable resource. In many cases, they offer a service that can be used to ensure that any instance of theft you might experience is quickly resolved, and that service is none other than etching.

It’s easy to underestimate the value of etched glass. There are numerous auto shops around St. Paul that provide the service to any who might be interested, but a lot of people remain unaware of just how important and beneficial it is. The unfortunate truth is that car theft is something that happens far more often than many of us might realize. Sometimes, vehicles are difficult to recover because they don’t have any identifying marks that can’t easily be removed by the plunderer. By installing etched glass of some form into your car, you’re making it so that it’ll be easier to track it down in the event that anything should ever happen to it.

As stated above, you can obtain etched glass at just about any prominent auto shop. There are even ways you can do it yourself, provided you have access to the right set of tools. However, in order to make sure everything is done properly and professionally; it’s often recommended instead that you turn your attention toward a company that specializes in working with glass parts. If they cover etching, it’ll be clearly visible on their list of services. The process involves utilizing a chemical that reacts only to glass surfaces. The acid is applied in such a way as to mark the windows with a special identification number.

Etched glass is beneficial in part because there are so few drawbacks to it. While the surface is permanently altered in the process, it isn’t defaced at all. On the contrary, the etched symbol is always small enough that it doesn’t get in the way while you’re driving. It’s perfectly inconspicuous, and yet it can easily be seen by any would-be thieves. Because many carjackers are aware of the practice of etching, they’re actually less likely to target a vehicle with glass of this kind.