For people with missing teeth, dental implants are one of the best procedures for tooth replacement there is today. Despite its more expensive price, many people like its long-lasting results, durability, comfort and aesthetic results. If you are highly considering getting dental implants Geneva IL, this is a good time to learn more about this dental procedure.

The Process of Getting Dental Implants

The first step is to consult with a periodontist, the dentist that specializes in making dentures and dental implants Geneva IL. The periodontist will have to examine your teeth and bone structure to determine if the bone can support the implants. If the bone cannot provide enough support, you can choose to have dentures or a bone graft instead. Every patient will have a different bone structure so a consultation is a must.

The next step is to proceed with the surgical procedure. Dental implants are made of titanium. The dental implants to be placed should be strong enough to hold the prosthetic tooth. An incision in the gums has to be made to be able to insert the implants. It is screwed into the bone. As a result, the healing process takes a while because the gums and bone has to heal completely.

The last step is caring for your dental implants Geneve IL. You can brush your implants like you normally would with your natural teeth. However, you must take more time brushing and cleaning your teeth this time around. The plaque can harden around the prosthetic tooth which will lessen its longevity.

For dental implants, be prepared to fork out some money. Although prices will depend on your location and tooth replacement needs, the price range of dental implants is between $900 and $3000. It would be great if your dental insurance can cover it but if you don’t most dentists offer financing options to patients anyway.

Why are dental implants expensive? That’s because you get tons of benefits from this surgical procedure. For one, dental implants are permanent solutions and offers the best type of prosthetic teeth out there. The implants look very natural and it actually feels like real teeth as well. There’s no way someone can tell which is the implant and which is not.

Losing a tooth can force you to stop smiling in public. Even speaking can be an embarrassment since you don’t want other people to see your missing tooth. If you’re open to have dental implants then your problem can be fixed immediately.