Everything Your Interior Decorator Wants You to Know

by | Jun 13, 2018 | Business

Curious what an interior decorator does every day? You might not know what their fees are, what they do during the day, and how they come up with new ideas. Below we’ll look at some of the things your residential interior decorators in Bethesda, MD would like you to know about their job and the services they are looking forward to provide to you.

What Decorators Do

Decorators work with everything from rugs and fabrics to colors and accessories to pull a room or a home together. You and your decorators will discuss what your budget is, what the scope of your project is, and what colors and styles are your favorites. Sometimes you can hire a decorator for a short period to consult on ideas that you put in place yourself. Most times, the designer will complete the project for you, taking your preferences into account.

It’s Not All Creative Work

While residential interior decorators in Bethesda, MD do get to spend a lot of time in creative efforts, that’s not their entire job description. It might be exciting to shop for furniture, look for textiles, and plan a space, but it’s less interesting to drive around town endlessly, deal with billing, and handle all the mundane aspects of the job that are undoubtedly just as important as the design work.

Design Takes Time

Coming up with continuous creative ideas can be time-consuming and more challenging than you might think. Sometimes it can be difficult to focus or the ideas simply may not be flowing the way the professional would like them to. Other times, it might be the case that ideas come so quickly that holding onto each of them takes intense concentration. While creative jobs might seem simple for those who aren’t involved in them, they can be just as difficult as any other position.

Communication Matters

Getting the space you want requires a steady source of communication with your designer. There will be many times when the designer wants your input about an idea they have. Understanding what you like and what you don’t is a process, so you can’t expect to talk once and have the decorator take over without further conversation. Consider it a relationship for as long as the decorator is working in your home.

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