Companion care is provided to elderly patients who may need just a little assistance throughout the day but who mostly need just companionship and some company.

The facilities offering companion care services in Bethesda, MD, can simply chat with the patient or provide services for them, including playing games with them or setting up video chats so they can talk to family members and friends. Whatever the patient needs when it comes to companionship, the nurses who work at these facilities can accommodate them.

Helping Patients Stay Happy and Healthy

Companion care is important because as people get older, they can suffer from depression and loneliness, especially if they are in their 80s or 90s.

The people who work for companies such as Capital City Nurses know just what to do to keep these people more upbeat and happier, so whether the patients need for them to write a letter, play cards, or simply watch a favorite television show with them, they are happy to do it. Happiness is crucial for the patients’ health, and this is what these nurses do best.

You Can Trust the Right Facility

You’re naturally going to be picky when finding a facility that offers companion care services in Bethesda, MD, simply because your loved ones mean a lot to you. Researching these companies online is important because it is the best way to get a feel for which of them will work out best for you in the end. Your loved ones deserve excellent care and treatment, and it’s easy for you to provide it to them.