The automobile is an extremely complicated piece of equipment and sometimes it seems to take a lot of effort to keep it running properly. For example, routine maintenance is necessary to keep the oil clean, the coolant hoses in good repair, and engine belts from breaking. Unfortunately, people often overlook one of the most important components on their car or truck, the exhaust system. If the exhaust pipe is damaged or the muffler has worn out, the engine won’t be operating at peak performance, and this can result in a lot of wasted fuel and power. The only way to remedy this problem is with Exhaust Repair Service in Indianapolis IN.

The primary function of the engine exhaust is to pass waste gases from the running engine. However, the muffler is designed to limit noise and apply a little back pressure on the engine itself. A damaged muffler generally starts with a small hole, usually caused by road grime, mud or salt. This small bit of corrosion grows as the muffler heats up from normal usage. The driver of the vehicle can usually hear a small change in the way the vehicle sounds. As the hole gets larger, the noise gets louder and, eventually, the vehicle becomes unsafe to drive. This is the result of dangerous fumes entering the vehicle.

Another reason to consider Exhaust Repair Service in Indianapolis IN, is a damaged catalytic converter. The function of this device is to burn some of the unused fuel that passes through the exhaust system. Even the most efficient engines can have some wasted fuel that might eventually make it into the atmosphere. The catalytic converter changes it to a less harmful gas to reduce vehicle emissions.

Not every exhaust problem has to do with damaged mufflers or broken pipes. The exhaust is mounted on the vehicle with a series of brackets. Over time, these brackets can become damaged and cause the exhaust to work loose. This problem may be noticeable because of a banging noise underneath the car or by seeing a part of the exhaust hanging loose. To learn more about exhaust repair or vehicle maintenance, contact the experts at Pete’s Service Center.