No island getaway would be complete without attending a traditional Hawaiian Luau and what better place to experience it than this locally famed genuine backyard Hawaiian Luau. Not only will they greet you with a traditional Lei, but you’ll be treated like family, or Ohana, as you and your loved ones roam through their oceanside luau paradise. There is no better place to enjoy a hula event in Honolulu.

Enjoy an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

One of the most intimate ways to experience any culture is by feasting on their local cuisine. When you attend this stunning hula event in Honolulu you will not only be able to enjoy stories of the rich history of the islands, but you’ll have plenty of island eats to enjoy as well. On their all-you-can-eat American-Hawaiian buffer they have fresh pineapple, roasted pig, coleslaw with fish caught right from the beach and decadent desserts like coconut cake and rice pudding.

Enjoy a Culturally Rich Experience You’ll Never Forget

It just wouldn’t be a complete island vacation without witnessing a traditional Hawaiian dance. Although there are several, like the fire-sword dance and the slap dance, the Hula Event in Honolulu is one of the most sacred dances in Hawaiian culture. With a soft delicate sway and subtle hand movements, these beautiful dancers tell a deep story about the beautiful islands of Hawaii.

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