In Arizona, victims of auto accidents should explore all their options when seeking compensation for their injuries. A car accident lawyer in Tucson helps them identify the most appropriate choice for their case.

Filing a Claim with Their Insurance Provider

The first option for accident victims is to file a claim through the accountable driver’s insurance carrier. The responsible driver is required to provide the victim with their insurance information so the hospital or emergency treatment center can file a claim for coverage. This allows the victim to acquire complete payment for their injuries. However, if the victim’s injuries require treatment that exceeds the coverage limit, they won’t continue to receive additional payments.

Starting a Lawsuit

A lawsuit provides the victim with the chance to present their case to a judge and jury. These formal claims allow them to submit all evidence to the court at once, including medical evidence depicting the exact nature of their injuries. The strength of the case depends on the fine details of the evidence. The judge and jury need to know if the victim will recover from their injuries completely or not. They need to determine if the additional treatment will create a financial burden for this victim as well.

Calculating the Projected Settlement or Monetary Award

The settlement or monetary award must reflect the full cost of medical treatment and repairs for the victim’s automobile. It must provide replacement for any wages lost while the victim recovers from their injuries. If the injuries present life-long changes, the settlement should provide a value that is based on the victim’s potential earnings throughout their life. This value is based on the victim’s potential lifespan and current hourly wage.

In Arizona, auto accident victims should determine the most appropriate avenue to acquire compensation. For some victims, an insurance claim could present a more suitable option based on the total value of their medical treatments. However, victims with life-altering injuries may need a greater monetary award. Victims who want to explore these opportunities should contact a car accident lawyer in Tucson by visiting