When you experience chronic pain in your spinal column because of an injury or a condition like arthritis, you may think your only solution is to undergo surgery or take copious amounts of pain pills each day. However, you may prefer a different approach for back pain treatment in Greenfield, WI.

When you prefer to avoid surgery, you might consider alternative methods to feel better. You can visit with a provider who can answer questions like “What are the key techniques used in tissue repair and how do they differ from traditional healing.”

Avoiding Surgery

As you consider what are the key techniques used in tissue repair and how they differ from traditional healing, you might focus on the fact that they could spare you from having to go through extensive back surgery. Surgery anywhere on your back entails a considerable recovery. You may also experience intense pain from the incision and sutures, let alone the removal or maneuvering of your discs.

Treatment involving tissue repair with the use of stem cells or other non-invasive methods may spare you from this pain and surgery. You may also regain much or all of your former range of motion.You can learn more about the options for back pain treatment in Greenfield, WI available to you online.

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