Roofs play a crucial role in safeguarding buildings against various elements like rain and wind. It’s essential to regularly maintain roofs to extend their longevity. Several factors that contribute to roof damage can be mitigated through practices such as Commercial Roof Repair:

Trees and Debris

Overlying trees on roofs may damage the roof if the branch falls off due to rot or accidental breaks. Branch falls, in addition to roof damage, may lead to bodily harm to the occupants of the structures.

Trees also contribute to the build-up of debris on roofs. Debris of sticks and leaves build up on the roof into stacks of mulch, which remain constantly moist, leading to rotting of the roof.

Animals on Roofs and Unmaintained Gutters

Animals such as birds, raccoons, bats, and woodpeckers may be destructive to your roof. They are guilty of dismantling roofs in search of insects or making their homes on your roof. Uncleaned gutters may also prove destructive in rainy seasons.

Gutters are meant to keep water flowing away from roofs. Therefore, uncleaned gutters lead to dampness of the roof, thereby causing rotting.

Excessive Winds and UV Rays

When winds blow hard, they may lead to the lifting of shingles. These conditions may lead to removing entire roofs if not well installed. Lifting of shingles may let in moisture, which will cause harm to your roof. It is advisable to have your roof inspected after adverse weather events for maintenance.

Strong UV rays also contribute to roof damage and reduce its life span through drying out of shingles.

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