You may be able to sell your broken iPhone, but it will likely be for a much lower price than if it were in working condition. Several online marketplaces and phone recycling companies accept broken iPhones, so doing some research to find the best option for you is advised.

Even if you can’t get much money for your broken iPhone, it’s always better to recycle it rather than throw it away. You need to consider some factors before you sell a broken iPhone.

Try to Get it Repaired First

If you have a cracked screen or another type of hardware damage, you might be able to get it repaired instead of selling it. Depending on the severity of the damage, repairs can sometimes be cheaper than the drop in price that you would get from selling a broken iPhone.

Look for Online Businesses

There are a number of online businesses such as Sell My Mac that specialize in selling used electronics, including broken iPhones. These platforms usually have buyer protection policies in place, so you’re less likely to encounter issues.

Sell to a Phone Recycling Company

Some companies specialize in recycling old phones, including broken iPhones. These companies will often offer you less money than you would get from selling the phone on your own, but it’s a convenient option if you’re looking to sell a broken iPhone quickly.

Consider All Your Options Before Selling

Before you sell your broken iPhone, be sure to compare the offers from different buyers. You’ll likely get the best price by selling the phone yourself, but this option requires more effort than selling to a phone recycling company or using an online marketplace.