A modern general anesthesia machine has not essentially strayed far from the original concept of Boyle’s machine. However, over the past two decades, standardization and the massive invasion of technological advancements have altered the overall delivery and operating systems. Understanding how such a machine works is no longer as easy as it once was. Sophisticated computer-controlled and regulated systems decrease the ability of various medical personnel to comprehend the intricacies. This can make it more difficult when it comes time to purchase anesthesia machine.

Factors to Consider

Before choosing a model or make for installation, administrators should consult with medical personnel and other invested parties. They need to take a hard look at what each requires and expects from the system. This will help them make an informed decision when it comes down to looking at the machines. Those involved in the purchase should then consider the equipment in terms of the following:

Manufacturer Reliability: how long has the company been producing anesthesia machines? Business involvement should be 10 years minimum
Product Reliability: What is the reputation of these machines in terms of reliability? Do they have a high success rate in performing their functions consistently?

Hospital-Wide Integration: Can the machine be implemented everywhere throughout the hospital setting?

Compatibility: Is the general anesthesia machine compatible with current existing equipment?

Efficiency: Is the machine efficient in all its aspects – including accessibility of data and programming?

Ergonomics: Does it fit in? Does it have space for placing items on? Is it easy to move about? Can operators reach the control easily?

Capabilities: What is the extent of its ventilator capabilities as well as feedback control, monitoring, etc.?

Purchasing a General Anesthesia Machine

Buying nay piece of hospital equipment is never simple. It always involves any number of factors. While price is always important, it should never be the sole factor in choosing the best general anesthesia machine for your facility.