The time it takes to get someone bailed out of jail depends on many factors. The amount of bail, the percentage required by the bail bonds company, and the experience of the agents are just a few. It is typically a friend or relative that bails an accused person from jail. Rarely is bail made by the person arrested.

Most companies that provide bail bonds in Hastings MN offer services twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year. Some accept only cash to secure a bond, while others accept collateral. Using collateral will take longer because the agent must confirm the value of the item before proceeding with the bail bond process.


The standard percentage of the bail required is ten per cent. An experienced company may be willing to work out arrangements with family members to accept six or seven per cent on the spot and get the remaining money within a day or two. Those who accept collateral may be willing to accept some cash and some collateral to reach the percentage of the bail.


If a co-signor is requested by the agent before any bail bonds in Hastings MN are issued, consider the responsibility this entails. A co-signor guarantees the total amount of the bail will be provided if the accused does not appear in court. It is not uncommon for a family member to lose a vehicle or house when their loved one has left town to evade the court date.


Getting a fast bond is easier when agencies have established relationships with the local legal community and judges. This expedites the process and results in a smooth transition from being held to being released. Speed is also reliant upon the number of locations operated by the chosen agency. Agencies that have been in business for several years are usually located close to local and regional jails for convenience.

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