The fear of going to the dentist is very common in both children and adults. While these professionals often do their best to make the experience comfortable and pain-free, there is still that stigma attached to it. Changing your mindset is very important so you will make and keep your scheduled dental appointments.

The general dentistry in West Fargo, ND should include getting your teeth cleaned and an oral exam every six months. The same is true for all household members. If it has been longer, you need to find you a professional now and make an appointment. Don’t put it off any longer. There can be serious dental problems forming and you aren’t even aware of it. Routine checkups help to identify them and resolve them before they can become huge concerns.

Express Your Fears

When it comes to General dentistry, let them know your fears. Tell the receptionist that you are nervous and they can help you relax. The hygienist is going to clean your teeth and then the dentist will complete the exam. Knowing what the process is going to be can help you feel at ease. If you haven’t had your teeth cleaned in quite some time, it can take longer the first time. There may be a buildup of tartar that has to be removed with special tools.

Make your appointment for general dentistry first thing in the morning too. Go get it done and over with. If your appointment is late in the day, you will be worried about it and full of anxiety. When you go in the morning you can do so right after you have brushed and flossed. Then you can feel great knowing you got that out of the way. Dental offices can get behind schedule later in the day too so with an early appointment you likely won’t have to wait long to be seen.


Speak up during your dental procedures. If something they are doing is causing pain or sensitivity, don’t just sit there. Get their attention and let them know what is going on. Based on that communication, they can take steps to help you feel better. Once your cleaning and exam are done they can discuss any issues with you.

If you have dental problems identified, don’t ignore them. Ask questions so you are fully aware of the situation. Listen to the options the dentist gives you so you can make a good decision. If they tell you another appointment should be scheduled to take care of something, make that appointment before you leave the office. If all is good, schedule your next checkup and cleaning for six months down the road!

If you have dental problems identified, don’t ignore them. Contact Valley Dental to make your appointment for general dentistry. Go get it done and over with.