Filing a Motor Vehicle Insurance in Consultant Scranton PA Claim in the First Day

by | May 11, 2015 | Insurance

A vehicle accident often leaves at least two drivers confused on what to do next. The most important part is to gather as much information as realistically possible, including photographs and reports from a standing officer if available. Motor Vehicle Insurance in Consultant Scranton PA can be received through Gilmartin Insurance Agency in the Wilkes-Barre region. Insurers can make a claim through a variety of means.


The direct office line is available on the official website. It is only accessible during business hours, but it is the most direct way to reach a company representative. Drivers can even call the office line in the aftermath of an accident. The rep can offer advice on what information is pertinent and what needs to be done.


The claims office for Motor Vehicle Insurance in Consultant Scranton PA is available 24/7, but only through major insurance providers. It is also wise to get in touch with the insurance company of the other driver. It is not necessary, but in an especially bad accident, it could be a smart move. Most insurance companies will help handle cross-insurance discussion because the two entities are deciding who is responsible and who is accounting for what percent of the damages. The claims issue can get daunting when a personal injury is involved. Call in the hours following to display the highest level of attentive to the situation. When the claim was made will remain on record.

Online Forms

A few insurance companies are actually providing an online form to complete. The online form acts as a claim. The great thing about this is that it can be done right in the scene of the accident. Both drivers can complete their claim forms right there. It allows them to get all proper information on the spot, without having to chase individuals down after the incident. Both parties should likely agree on filing the claim online, but it is not necessary. Some discrepancies may apply between the two individuals, and that is okay. That is why the insurance company is in business, and it is their job to assess the finer details.

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