In Nevada, divorce cases require each party to make decisions about the separation of their lives. The couple has the opportunity to create a divorce agreement that defines the decisions about child custody, property division, and debts accumulated together. A Family Law Firm in Las Vegas NV can answer questions about filing for a divorce.

Changing the Wife’s Last Name

In order for a wife to change her last name, the terms of the divorce must include a stipulation for it. The wife must identify the name she wishes to use and state it clearly in the divorce agreement. A copy of the divorce decree showing the name change is needed for the wife to change her name legally on her driver’s license and other documents.

Children Produced or Adopted During the Marriage

In a divorce case, all children produced or adopted during the marriage must be identified. If the wife is pregnant currently, she must disclose the pregnancy. When custody is determined, the court cannot make a determination about an unborn child unless either parent is unfit. However, some provisions are added for child support and identify when the child support payments start.

Grounds Used in a Divorce Case

The legal grounds for a divorce in the state of Nevada are insanity, a legal separation for one year, and incompatibility. The state doesn’t allow any fault-based divorce grounds. However, some exceptions are made when a prenuptial agreement was secured prior to the marriage.

Property Division in Divorce

The state requires an equal split of all marital property. The couple has the option to split their assets in the divorce agreement without court interference. However, if they cannot agree, a judge makes a decision if a divorce trial occurs.

In Nevada, couples must agree to the terms of the divorce or follow additional steps to settle their divorce case. The next step is mediation in which the couple and their attorneys try to reach an agreement. In a divorce trial, the judge makes all decisions about the divorce. Petitioners who need assistance from a Family Law Firm in Las Vegas NV are encouraged to contact Pintar Albiston LLP right now. You can also connect them on Facebook.