Finding a professional Roofing Contractor Honolulu firm can often times be difficult. When it is time to replace or repair your roof, there is a lot you need to learn about products that ought to be used as well as the right procedures that need to be followed. It is therefore, crucial that you know from the very beginning that you can trust the contractor to provide you with professional, good advice about these procedures and products, which are most likely new to you. The answer to all your queries is in locating the right contractor for the job.

You should probably start by seeking out information from a friend or relative who has had a roof replacement or repair job done in the recent past.

The next place to go to for information about the competency of a firm is the local lumberyard dealer or building material distributor.

The yellow pages are another excellent source of information.

Interview the contractor

Ensure that you interview, at the very minimum, three contractor firms no matter the source. A decision based on price or estimates alone is a perfect recipe for disaster. It is crucial that you allow yourself some time to be better acquainted with the contractor before making the final decision and signing on the dotted line.


For each contractor you interview, ask him or her to provide you at least ten customer references. This means they should furnish you with job locations, names and contact information of clients they have carried out roofing jobs for in the last one year.


A professional roof contractor should have two types of insurance coverage, namely workers’ compensation insurance and liability insurance. Both provide some level of protection in the eventuality should something happen to either an employee of the firm or your property during the lifetime of the project.

Other things you should look into include:

*      The number of roofing projects the contractor has completed within the neighborhood

*      Number of years in business

*      Their ability and willingness to handle customer complaints

*      Professionalism and completeness of estimate provided

If the Roofing Contractor Honolulu firm has a portfolio, take special note of:

*      The business legal name, phone number and other registration items

*      Membership in either regional or national professional associations

*      An in depth knowledge of local building codes

*      A willingness to stand behind their work by offering guarantees and warranties

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