Do you suffer from thinning or damaged hair that is lackluster or simply absent? Do you dream of long locks but lack the ability to grow thick and healthy hair? You may benefit from hair restoration and Hair Extensions in Mesa.

You may be experiencing hair loss because of the normal aging process or as a side effect of disease or certain medications. Hair restoration can help restore your hair to a more youthful and vibrant appearance. Hair restoration and extensions are 100% natural and can be textured and colored to match your existing hair or you can choose to give yourself a completely new appearance by changing your color and style completely.

Hair Restoration Options and Services

Hair restoration is perfectly safe and suited for both men and women, with services that can produce results in as little as two weeks. Restore your confidence and accentuate your appearance with hair bonding treatments.  Schedule regular visits to keep your hair looking its best and be confident that experienced salons offer repair services if something goes awry.

Hair restoration products appear entirely natural, are easy to care for, and can be can be washed and styled in a normal manner.

Hair Extension Options and Services

You may have looked into hair extensions previously and decided against them due to glue or non-natural materials involved in the process. Today’s high quality hair extensions are created from 100% human hair and attached with micro point technology. This natural micro knot attachment method requires no glue, surgery, or tape.

Hair extensions can add the look of natural length and fullness to your hair with up to four hairs attached to one strand of your existing hair.  This can create hair that is easy to style and give you styling options that your existing hair may not provide.

Hair Extensions in Mesa can be washed, dried, colored, and cut just as your natural hair can and with high quality products, you will have little need for repair or additions until you are ready to make a change.

Don’t let thinning hair or permanent hair loss keep you from looking your best; find out what a salon like Donte’s of New York can do for you today.