A formal event requires a well-designed suit or tuxedo. Whether it is a formal school or corporate event, you need to choose from different suit styles and accessories. Know more about the selection process and then find the best suits in Hartford, CT.

First, learn more about your suit needs for a specific event. There are different types of styles made for different occasions like dinners, business meetings and weddings. The cutaway coat is usually worn in the morning, and the dinner jacket is usually worn at night. A tail is worn for ultra-formal events. Be sure to choose the most appropriate colors of the suit and shirt.

Select the right material for the suit. Linen is a comfortable, long-lasting fabric that feels smooth on the skin. The linen suit can be worn for a lighter, more casual outing. The wool suit keeps you comfortable in warm weather. Regardless of the material, keep stains away with careful dry cleaning and storage.

Wearing a comfortable, formfitting suit is very important. Have a store employee take your measurements. A professional makes all the right measurements in a brief amount of time.

Do not settle for a product on sale if the size or material is not right. You can have the legs and sleeves tailored if the fit is not right. Also, work with a suit expert who will customize the design so you look taller, more slender or larger.

Also, wear accessories that instantly improve your whole appearance. Common items are ties, shoes and cufflinks. Choose from different colors, designs and materials. Include a pocket square that is preferably the opposite color of your suit. A stylish watch is an impressive addition to the outfit. Mix and match accessories to look trendy.

A suit is needed for any important occasion. Look for one in advance so you prevent last-minute problems. Whether you rent or buy, understand the terms and return policy. Know about deposits, payments and the terms of returning damaged suits. Keep up on the recent trends of formal wear, and find a variety of options at Formals by Antonio.