Accepting more payment options increases your sales and gives you more opportunities to serve customers. Small businesses use a Virtual Terminal Payment Gateway to process customer payments, including credit cards, ACH, and eCheck options. Learning about these gateways helps you improve your business and become more profitable.

Robust Security and Encryption

Unlike traditional point-of-sale terminals and credit card machines, a Virtual Terminal Payment Gateway is cloud-based. A common issue with some POS systems is that the data remains on the terminal longer, and cyber thieves have more chances to collect and use financial data. With a virtual terminal, the security schemes are more robust, and military-grade encryption applies.

Faster Payment Processing

Standard credit card machines require the data to pass through the credit card companies, and the creditors release the funds after they process the payments on their end. You don’t have that wait with a virtual terminal. Instead, the amount deducts from the account immediately, and the funds transfer to your merchant account.

Save on Fees

Improved virtual terminal services don’t cost as much as alternatives. While there are merchant fees for using the services, these costs are minimal, and more small business owners keep more of their profits. The overall software design isn’t as costly for the service providers. They could help you save more money by choosing virtual designs instead of standard POS systems. Plus, you don’t pay for equipment maintenance and servicing.

Finding an ideal payment solution benefits small businesses that cannot pay much for transaction fees, equipment, and updates. Browsing advanced software designs allows you to find products that work well with your existing equipment. Contact Xccept to learn more about virtual terminal payment solutions, or visit Sitename for more information.