Finding a New Family Doctor in Dexter, MO

by | Dec 18, 2014 | Health And Fitness

With the current family physician about to retire, there is the need to find a new family doctor in Dexter, MO.  The process does not have to be all that complicated.  In fact, by using a few basic strategies, it is possible to find the right physician and rest assured that every member of the family will receive proper care.

Check with the Insurance Company

Many health insurance providers maintain lists of medical professionals who are associated with their network.  Start the search for a new family doctor in Dexter, MO by obtaining a list from the provider.  Pay close attention to doctors who happen to be located near work or home, or have connections with the local hospital that the family would prefer to use if the need arose.

Get Feedback from Friends

With the list in hand, spend some time asking neighbors, friends, and others for suggestions on which doctors they recommend.  The benefit of this type of approach is that most people will have first hand experiences with more than one local doctor.  This makes it possible to learn the pros and cons associated with different practices.  Use that information to begin narrowing the number of doctors on the list to just a few.

Check Out Websites

Many practices have websites set up that provide basic information about the range of medical services they offer.  Taking the time to check those sites will make it easier to identify physicians who seem to be a particularly good fit for the family.  Remember to check sites that allow people to provide feedback on those physicians as well.  That data will also come in handy when deciding which practices to contact.

Who is Accepting New Patients?

After reducing the list to no more than a half dozen choices, find out which ones are currently accepting new patients.  This can be accomplished by making a phone call to each of those remaining offices.  During the call, do mention the health insurance that the family has in place, and verify that the physician does accept that coverage.

While checking into different options, make it a point to visit and find out what they have to offer.  There is a good chance that they will be the ideal choice for family health care, and the search will be over.

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