There are numerous details that you need to work out pertaining to your wedding. One of these details is the venue. A traditional wedding might take place in the church where you grew up or where you currently attend. Another option would be to explore outdoor wedding venues in Lake Geneva, WI. When you begin your search for a venue, there are a few details and tips that you want to keep in mind so that you secure just the right area for your special day.

Visit Parks

A park can be a beautiful setting for an outdoor wedding depending on the details present. If you can find a park that features a small pond or a water fountain in the center of the pond, then it could be a beautiful backdrop for pictures. There’s also a variety of different locations in one area where you could take pictures, such as in front of a large tree or even while you’re swinging.


If you need more space, then look for outdoor wedding venues in Lake Geneva, WI, that are positioned along the beaches near the lakes. The rising and setting sun can provide stunning pictures that can be taken by family and friends as well as a professional photographer. You’ll also have the waves of the water lapping against the shore. This is an outdoor setting that allows you a bit more space for setting up chairs for your guests during the ceremony. It’s also a way to save a little money as most beach weddings consist of a simple design.

Your Own Yard

For a small wedding with close friends and family, consider your backyard. You won’t have to rent a venue, and you’ll have access to everything you need for getting dressed for your special day. There are also a few more ideas that you can pull off for the reception since it’s on your property.

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