Branching out in your corporate apparel is always a good idea. Employees and customers get tired of the same old t-shirts and hats. When you’re ready to make a change, consider custom embroidery products for your corporate apparel.

Custom embroidery provides a higher end look than traditional screen-printing. It’s appropriate for more formal clothing, like polo and dress shirts. Custom hat embroidery is also very popular and creates hats that look far more polished than hats with a patch.

Many vendors that offer screen-printing also offer custom embroidery. Start by talking with your current vendor to determine if they can provide the service. If not, there are plenty of vendors online.

When discussing custom embroidery with your vendor, it’s important to discuss setup charges. Most embroidery shops charge a setup fee for your logo when on the first order. Setup fees can vary by vendor, as can how these are charged. Most vendors charge the setup fee only once per type of apparel but be certain to get the details from your vendor before you decide to purchase.

Also, ask your vendor about what format is needed to set up your logo on the embroidery machine. This way you can ensure your lead-time to get your apparel is as short as possible.

Finally, talk with your vendor about whether or not you should provide the apparel for embroidery or whether your vendor will purchase for you. It is often possible to get better pricing by having your vendor purchase the shirts and hats. This is also more convenient for you.

You’ll be amazed at how high-end custom hat embroidery and shirt embroidery look when compared to other printing methods. Once you’ve provided custom embroidery products to your employees and customers, you’ll be so glad you added these items to your apparel inventory.