Finding Great Special Education (SPED) in Miami Dade County

by | Apr 26, 2018 | Education

Raising a child who needs special education, whether they have Attention Deficit Disorder to developmental delays or anything in between, can be challenging. One of the more difficult aspects is finding a school setting that caters to the needs of your child. There are a few things to look for that should stand out when searching for a good special education program

Proper Resources

What is the student to teacher ratio? How does the teacher teach and what methods does he or she use? Does he or she cater to the varied needs of the child? What is the philosophy/approach to learning and how is this applied to the student? The answers to these questions can define whether a program is a good fit for your child and their needs. Finding great SPED in Miami Dade County doesn’t have to be a challenge if you ask the right questions.

Chance for Inclusion

Another major question to ask when looking for great SPED in Miami Dade County is whether the school offers a chance for inclusion. While a self-contained classroom is extremely helpful, it also benefits the child to be around others who do not need any special learning. Being around these other students is a great exercise in practicing the coping and other emotional skills they are learning in the classroom. Secondly, inclusion ensures all of the same opportunities are afforded to those in a special ed program and those who are not.


Caring for those with special ed needs can be difficult. With proper student evaluation and inclusion at various levels, students in SPED in Miami Dade County don’t have to worry about how they will fare or function. If a program retains a small student-teacher ratio and the students are continuously monitored, there should be little to no issue regarding safety.

Resource Box: If you are in need of a great SPED school in Miami Dade County, visit the Kesher website for more information.

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