In a city such as Washington, DC, there are many dignitaries, politicians, and various civic leaders. It seems as though everybody is accomplished in one way or another, and many are proud of what they have accomplished and wish to let others know. When you think Wall Signs Washington DC, you want to go to the leader in that category, which is Award Crafters Inc. This is a group that parlays old school craftsmanship with today’s technology, resulting in perfect wall signs and seals.

Many people in our nation’s capitol will be presented with some type of plaque or award at some point in their career. If you are the one presenting or procuring the award, you want to make sure it looks professional as well as visually appealing. These plaques can range in size from nine inches by twelve inches up to sixteen inches by nearly thirteen inches. Various finishes can include piano, in either rosewood or black, that has an elegant look to it. Perhaps a barrel type of look with a smart walnut finish. Some may opt for a chiseled look using cultured stone that allows enough room for a personalized message as well as a corporate logo. If it is a certificate you want to display, there are plaques that are available and offer the convenience of allowing someone to just slip in their certificate behind a crystal-clear acrylic facing and have it be ready to hang on the wall.

Many times the wall signs in Washington DC calls for executive seals. Whether it is for the private sector or for governmental use, you can select many options that are all crafted with care and expertise. Government seals can depict every painstaking detail you need, complete with handcrafted and painted attention. These seals can provide a very official look at a very affordable cost and can come in various sizes. You can choose from gold, silver, bronze, or even aluminum. Suitable for indoor use or outdoor use, you can capture a precisely accurate reproduction of any logo or seal. This also includes custom-made wooden seals, and you can have your choice of sizes as well, ranging from six inches to nearly four feet long in diameter. If it is a custom shape you need, you will be accommodated as well.