When you are choosing between upholstery cleaning companies, it’s important you choose a company that won’t damage your upholstery, which should be your most important consideration. You need to make sure your furniture is well taken care of. Then you should look for a company that doesn’t leave behind a chemical residue. Chemical residue can trigger allergies, degrade the fabric, and damage the threads.

Chemical Residue

Chemical residue that is left behind by soaps and detergents can get in between the fibers of your upholstery and cause it to start fraying. To avoid such a fate, you need a cleaning company that won’t leave behind chemicals in your furniture. Those chemicals are also what makes your upholstery smell like soap or detergent. So if you clean your upholstery and can smell the cleaning chemical, you have left behind chemical residue.

Choose a company that does not leave behind chemical residue. You’ll know they don’t leave behind residue because your upholstery will have no odor when they’re done cleaning. These experts should clean it and leave it odorless.

The Process

The process upholstery cleaning companies use to clean furniture is similar to the process used for cleaning carpet. They will vacuum the upholstery to clean up any loose dirt and contaminants. Then they will use steam to drive dirt out of the fibers of the upholstery. The heat and the force of the steam effectively remove dirt. Then, these professionals will vacuum again. The second vacuuming removes the dirt and most of the water.

When this process is followed to the letter, your upholstery should dry fairly quickly. Since it’s a water-based process, it should not react negatively with any types of upholstery. When done properly, it can even be used to clean leather. You should consider Zerorez Tampa Bay for your upholstery cleaning needs. You can also follow them on Google+ for more updates.